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A security deposit is the amount of money a tenant pays to secure a place of residence. Security Deposits are used to cover the costs to rehab a property when a tenant vacates the property to return it to rental ready condition, but not all costs are applicable to the tenant. Security Deposits are used to cover tenant abuse and neglect, not wear and tear. How do you define abuse and neglect vs. wear and tear? That is a great question and there is no completely clear definition, a lot of it is subjective and this is where Deposit Defender helps protects you, the tenant.

Deposit Defender is the most comprehensive inspection app on the market. This app allows the property manager to thoroughly document the condition of the property with the ease of their phone or tablet (Apple and Android compatible) prior to a tenant moving in/taking possession. This provides the manager with a clear, concise, report that is date stamped and can be used in court, should the situation arise. Small claims court cases between landlords and tenants regarding security deposit deductions are the absolute most common cases filed and often property managers find themselves stuck in the middle. The burden is on the property manager to accurately document the condition of the property when the tenants moved in and when they vacate and turn over possession, there are no small details! The more prepared a property manager is by correctly and thoroughly documenting the condition of the property when the tenants moves in and out, the better the chances are that there will not need to be a court case, saving the property manager time, energy as well as the possibility of being held liable for damages as a result of being considered negligent. Deposit Defender is the best tool on the market to help facilitate a thorough inspection protecting the property manager from possibly being sued and doing the best possible job for both the landlord and the tenant.

  • An easy to use app, that downloads to your phone/tablet that anyone can use for $4.99
  • Provides an inspection layout/template of your property (ie: number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.)
  • A list of items to be documented in every room (ie: doors, windows, blinds, floors, etc.). Within this list you can add the following to each item:
    • Pictures (unlimited)
    • Notes
    • Voice/Talk to text
  • Once you purchase the app, you can access your inspection at any time, it does not expire
  • You are able to conduct as many inspection as you like at no additional charge, this allows you to conduct before and after inspections
  • You can print out the inspection and bring it with you to court

Deposit Defender can also be used to document tenant possessions for renters insurance.

What Renters Say
About Deposit Defender

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Q. Can I be charged for not cleaning when I move out?

Yes. Your rental home needs to return to the original state of cleanliness. Telling your property manager you "left it cleaner" than when you moved in will do you no justice without photo evidence. Most, if not all landlords/property managers use professional cleaning companies and have the power to charge you for their preferred premium service. We suggest hiring a cleaner within your budget or DIY.

Q. Can I be charged for carpet cleaning?

Yes, cleaning the carpet between tenants is a legal requirement in most states. If it was clean when you moved in, it has to be clean when you move out. Ask your landlord/property manager who they use for carpet cleaning and call for an estimate- so you can decide if you want to shop around for a better price.

Q. Do I need to complete the landlord's move-in inspection checklist if I use Deposit Defender?

Yes. If your landlord does a move-in inspection with you, you still have to complete the inspection report and sign it for their records. Go through it carefully and avoid using vague words like "good" or "bad." It will make moving out a struggle- trying to remember the details of the property when you moved in, and it will not help get you your security deposit. We advise you to record details like "carpet stained," "nail holes in walls"— you want to be as accurate as possible.

Q. What should I photograph during the move-in inspection?

As a tenant you should photograph every nick, scratch, and discoloration, even if you think it should be obvious that you didn't cause the issue. You should also remember that Landlords and Property Managers change all the time and if you do a walk-through with them at the beginning of your lease that does not guarantee that you will be doing the walk-through with them at the end of your lease. Additionally, all of the documentation doesn't always get passed on to the new person in charge of your security deposit. So it's highly recommended you protect yourself and your security deposit by doing your own date stamped inspection at the beginning and the end of your lease.

Q. What should I photograph during the move-out inspection?

You do not have to prove that the issues that were there when you moved in are still there. When you complete your move-out inspection, you need to focus on documenting the condition you're leaving the home in. Is the home as clean as it was when you moved in? Every property manager in the country has probably heard their tenants claim, "I left the home cleaner than when I moved in." But this means absolutely nothing if they have a receipt from a cleaning company, and you don't have any picture proof of the home being dirty when you moved in, and clean when you moved out.

Q. How do I know what to document and take photos of?

Deposit Defender is loaded with information about what you should be looking for. It'll walk you through the whole process with helpful tips.

Q. Does my landlord/property manager have to fix all the items noted on my move-in checklist?

No, they do not (unless it is something like a dripping faucet). The idea of the move-in inspection is to prevent you from being charged for a previous occupant's damage. If there are issues to address upon move-in, we suggest you follow up with a separate email. Always leave a paper trail.

Q. How likely is it that I'll have to go to court?

Deposit Defender is no guarantee that you will not have to go to court, but you will have the tools to defend your position, should it come to that.

Q. How will Deposit Defender help me if I have to go to court over a security deposit?

Once you have completed your inspection using Deposit Defender, a report will be created showing all of the pictures and notes from the date of the inspection. You will need to have evidence on your side which proves the condition of the property.

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The safest move for your move.

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